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Víghajós John Bull Pub,
1118 Budapest, Budaörsi út 7.
Telefon: 319-8751. levelezes@johnbull.hu
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When driving towards Lake Balaton or Vienna or when crawling in the Friday afternoon  rush hours you may have admired the building standing at the intersection of Villányi Street and Budaörsi Street.

If you did not have the time or opportunity to visit  it yet I would like to introduce to you our Victorian-style British pub, the VÍGHAJÓS (Happy Sailor) JOHN BULL PUB.
We can help you whether it business brunch or lunch, an elegent dinner, company jubilation, a wedding celebration, a birthday party, a banchelor dinner, a reception or any similar event. We have separate 35-person dinning room, an upper room for 45 person, an a clubroom for 60 persons and in a 1st floor suitable for 130 persons.

For the beer-lovers we always have six diffrent kinds of draught beer two of these are English ale products (John Bull Ale, Bombardier) available  ONLY in the JOHN BULL PUBS, and of course there is the deep black Guinness.

Also available DAB, Zipfer, and Kronbacher draught beer.

We do not forget  those prefer a good whisky: we have 30 different kinds of single malt and blended whiskies and  bourbons offer.

If you are a connoisseur you can choose from the best dishes of the Hungarian, English and European cuisine. 

As soon as the weather allows it -usally from May- we let you enjoy our atmospheric  open-air terrace and a pergola where we offer grilled, barbecued and broiled dishes as well as an extensive salad bar.

Event calander:

April  24th Saint George's day 
June 24th: Midsummer night Pub birthday party
Last Sunday of October: Vine-harvest festival
December 5th: End of Prohibition celebration



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